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Centenarian tips: Bessie Wing, age 106

March 12, 2007

Wing attributes her longevity to staying busy and getting proper rest. An avid reader, Wing typically reads several large-print books each week and enjoys word-search puzzles.

The 2008 presidential election is of interest to Wing.  Franklin Roosevelt – for whom she voted – was her favorite president, “because he did so much for the country.”

Cited article:  Ocala Star-Banner, Florida, USA


Centenarian tips: Frank L. Pike, age 100

March 10, 2007

“Well, I eat most anything — except fast food. I go for walks twice a day, and I’ve enjoyed my life,” he said.

He still tinkers with electronics at times, a hobby left over from the days where he fixed family appliances and built a miniature mine cart on rails to get rid of piles of sand from his Durham home’s basement. He also frequently visits his nephew, who said his uncle “still drives better than most people I’ve ever met” and hopes to renew his license when it expires in 2009.

More info:  Portsmouth Herald, Maine, USA

Centenarian tips: Les Zwernemann, age 100

November 26, 2006

If Leslie “Les” Zwernemann were to write a book about how to live to be 100, the chapters would be titled “Cut a rug,” “Take a hit and a shot” and “Get a job.”

It’s possible he knows the meaning of life — or at least the secret to longevity — but when asked these questions, he smiles and says, “It’s different for everyone.”

“He’s taught me to take one day at a time and be thankful for what you have,” said Sheila Stewart, a nurse at the center. 

Zwernemann’s mother and sister lived to be 103 and 104, respectively. He said living to 100 was not a surprise.

More info:  A Texas weekly