Pleo the Dinosaur Arrives…Finally!

UGOBE Pleo robot dinosaur

PC World covers the hatching today:

We got to play with Pleo today at PC World, and despite the delay, he remains kind of amazing. There have been other toy robot dinosaurs, but Pleo is nothing like them–or like any other robotic toy, period. Aside from the decidedly mechanical noises he makes as he does his thing, he’s the least robotic robotic toy I’ve ever seen.

UGOBE calls him a “life form,” and he is indeed remarkably lifelike for a robot. Rather than being cast in a hard plastic shell, he’s got scaly skin, not to mention eyes with eyelids. He ambles around, with a surprisingly loose-limbed gait. He likes to play tug-of-war with things you put in his mouth. He appears to notice activities around him, but when he gets tuckered out, he sleeps and snores. He likes to be petted and hates being picked up by his tail. Most of all, he appears to think–and UGOBE says that he learns from his experiences and gets smarter over time.


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