Future Of Consumer Robotics May Rest On Toy Dinosaur

A small green and tan dinosaur slowly wandered across the table in an airy Emeryville, Calif., office space. As it plodded to the end of the table, one plastic hoof started to step off the ledge and instead it felt thin air. It slowly backed up and murmured a little cry.

The 20-inch-long toy is a much-anticipated robotic device named Pleo, and it will finally ship next month to consumers after a year’s delay. Created by the same team who brought the world the Furby, the Pleo will also mark an advance in robotics, as it packs much of the functionality of far more expensive robotics toys into a much lower cost design.

Some industry futurists believe robotics will be the next big thing. The nascent area has sometimes been compared to the early days of the personal computer industry, when tinkerers gathered in garages and at computing clubs to swap ideas and parts.

“There is a revolution in the offing,” said Paul Saffo, a Silicon Valley technology forecaster. “It’s coming in the next couple of years.”

Source:  CNN Money


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