Kuwait Plans to Build World’s Tallest Building

The Proposed Burj Mubarak Al-Kabir (from WikiMedia)

Kuwaiti Municipal officials have approved a plan to construct what will be the world’s tallest building if completed.

The Burj Mubarak Al-Kabir, part of the Madinat Al-Hareer (City of Silk), is planned to soar to a height of 1,001 meters (3,284 ft). At that height the Burj Mubarak would be almost twice the height of the world’s tallest completed building, Taipei 101.

Madinat Al-Hareer is an $86 billion project that will include not only the skyscraper but an airport and an expansive desert preserve. The tower will take approximately 25 years to complete if it comes to fruition.

Source:  Inventor Spot


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