No driver, no problem as robot cars finish race

Cars sprouting whirling lasers on top, moving cameras on the sides, and banks of computers inside sped through the streets of a California desert ghost town on Saturday in a robot race — no drivers needed.

Spectators gasped as cars with empty driver’s seats pulled out of the starting blocks, steering wheels turning on their own, and headed into the neighborhood streets of a deserted air force base.

Stanford University’s “Junior” was the first to pass the finish line, followed by cars outfitted by Carnegie Mellon University and Virginia Tech within the six-hour time limit.

The joint University of Pennsylvania-Lehigh University vehicle arrived close to the limit, while cars from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Cornell University were the last of the 11 finalists to get through the course, both arriving about seven and a half hours after the start.

Source:  Washington Post

UPDATE:  Boss has scooped a $2m prize in a Californian race for robotic vehicles.  The modified Chevrolet Tahoe was one of six cars that crossed the finish line.  The vehicle was created by Tartan Racing, a team formed by Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and General Motors (GM).

Winning car in the Darpa Challenge, a Chevrolet Tahoe


One Response to “No driver, no problem as robot cars finish race”

  1. James Says:

    These vehicles could change the way we live, and commute. I’ve got a hour drive to work, all highway driving, and one of these would come in handy! Most likely be way in the future though.

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