New war robot ‘will be able to run 4-minute mile’

The Warrior Robot

Russ Dyer of iRobot, on CBS News, said the company’s new robot called the Warrior “is a 250 pound robot that will be able to run a 4-minute mile.”

The Warrior could be in Iraq by 2009, transporting ammunition or wounded soldiers. But another robot recently sent to Iraq is lethal.

It’s called Swords and three of these armed robots could see their first combat very soon, according to CBS.  But the military insists it is not unleashing a mindless killing machine. A soldier must press the fire button.

But the ability for robots to think for themselves  may not be far away.   The Army is already testing supply robots that move across the battlefield without a human operator.

“It’s what we call disruptive technology,” said Dyer of IRobot. “It’s going to change the way we fight, the way we live – it’s going to change our entire lives.”

Source:  CBS News


One Response to “New war robot ‘will be able to run 4-minute mile’”

  1. seeyou Says:

    now, just how many of these babies can we build? think they

    would do a fine job over there.

    get our troops home, send iron men!!!!

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