Biotech foods are still hard to swallow

OPPONENTS call them Frankenfoods, man-made aberrations that should be banished from our grocery stores or at least clearly labeled so consumers know what they’re eating.

Supporters have long cast genetically modified foods in a different light: as answers to human problems. They would, the dream went, make crops that didn’t rot, spoil or succumb to frost. They would boost harvests, feed the hungry and fortify the malnourished.

Several decades later, very few of those goals have been realized. Yet today, largely unbeknownst to most consumers, more than 70% of processed foods on grocery store shelves contain genetically engineered or biotech ingredients.

Biotech companies and public sector labs are working on the next wave of products, including hypoallergenic, heart-healthy, and vitamin-, nutrient- and even pharmaceutical-packed varieties of engineered crops. But this next wave faces significant challenges.

Source:  Los Angeles Times


One Response to “Biotech foods are still hard to swallow”

  1. lesterdaye Says:

    read this article with interest, but couldn’t quite digest the “gist”

    of it. believe that these biotech foods have no business being on

    our food shelves. are there so many of us that we can’t go back

    and raise foods as we once did? could we feed our nation and have

    crops grown the “old-fashioned” way?

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