GM to lend SUVs to prove hydrogen fuel holds water

Operation driveway

More than 100 Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell electric vehicles will be deployed by General Motors in the streets of Los Angeles, New York City and Washington, DC in the largest market test of fuel cell vehicles of its kind.

The goal of what GM is calling the “first large-scale market test” of fuel-cell vehicles is to introduce the two coasts to a technology that is viewed by many as too expensive and difficult to use — which, according to GM, it isn’t.

Fuel cells convert hydrogen to electricity in a chemical reaction whose only byproduct is water. In the Equinox, the cell powers an electric motor that can run for about 150 miles on one tank of hydrogen.

GM representatives met with prospective test drivers in Los Angeles last week, looking for a cross section in terms of age, location and driving habits. The Equinoxes will be delivered beginning in January for a three-month test period. The vehicle and fuel will be free, and GM will provide 24/7 roadside assistance.

Source:  Los Angeles Times


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