Piliot error cited in Arizona drone crash

Pilot failure to follow a checklist and lax oversight by Customs officials led to the crash of a $6.5 million Predator-B drone, NTSB investigators said.Sophisticated computer systems on a 10,000-pound unmanned drone were no match for its pilot’s failure to follow a checklist when confronted with a computer glitch.

The mistake set off a chain of events that led the $6.5 million Predator-B to smash into the Arizona desert near Nogales, Ariz., the National Transportation Safety Board concluded yesterday. The NTSB also cited poor oversight by Customs and Border Protection officials as a factor in the April 2006 crash.

It was the first accident involving an unmanned vehicle that the NTSB investigated, and board members said they hoped their findings would prod government officials and the industry to regulate the growing use of drones in civil airspace.

“This is historic,” said Mark V. Rosenker, NTSB chairman.

The crash occurred when the Predator-B was flying along the Mexican border, with its sophisticated cameras and electronics equipment scanning for illegal immigrants. The drone was built and operated by General Atomics under a contract with the federal government.

Source:  Washington Post


One Response to “Piliot error cited in Arizona drone crash”

  1. catchascatch can Says:

    crash of the drone. not paying the proper attention at details.

    that’s what it is all about. pilot was not qualified. these types of

    things probably happen all the time. go back to you living room and

    play on your play station 2.

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