Spyder luring admirers into its web

Zooming down the highway on a three-wheeled machine that resembles a snowmobile on tires, J.P. Patterson is used to turning drivers’ heads.

And like any good salesperson, he knows how to draw attention to his product. Last weekend, Patterson pulled the Can-Am Spyder, with its two wheels in front and one in the rear, into a Springville area motorcycle club full of bikers. Within seconds, a crowd was gathering for a closer look.

“It’s like being a celebrity everywhere you go,” said Patterson, sales manager for Ken’s Service and Sales in Elma. “Actually, it’s like being a bodyguard for a celebrity. They don’t want to talk to you, they want to see it.”

A few Spyders should start appearing on Buffalo area roadways by the end of this month, as the first buyers take delivery of a limited number of them. A bigger rollout of the Spyders is scheduled to begin next spring, with New York as one of 11 states where they will initially be sold.

The Y-shaped roadsters are assembled in Quebec by Bombardier Recreational Products, or BRP, with a base sticker price of $15,000. Two area dealers that sell other BRP products, Ken’s and an Akron business, Buck’s Motorsports, are awaiting their first Spyder shipments.

Full article:  Buffalo News


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