Massive ‘vertical neighborhood’ proposed in Beijing

Dutch architect Neville Mars and co-designers at the Dynamic City Foundation have drafted plans for what it calls the Beijing Boom Tower, a “vertical neighborhood” offering the living space of Los Angeles in an area 10 times as dense as Manhattan.

The complex would hold parks, retail areas, residential housing and gyms contained in a single block.

“The idea is to test if architecture, as a discipline, can respond to these spatial demands, and what’s the result if it does that,” Mars says.

And its residents could commute to work on the D-Rail, which is an electomagnetic travelator designed to loop around the capital’s Fourth Ring Road. This hybrid between a high-speed train and people-mover, which would operate above the road, supported by columns, would continuously rotate in opposite directions, slowing at boarding points to let people on and off.

Source:  People’s Daily


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