Airship may link historic English cities


A futuristic passenger airship could provide commuters with a new link between two historic cities.

The Skycat helium balloon would float passengers from Cambridge to Oxford in an hour.

The project is being developed at the Cardington sheds in Bedfordshire, the home of the UK’s airship industry.

But Advanced Technologies Group must find funding and get permission to use the airspace before the 21st Century airship gets off the ground.

Source:  BBC News


One Response to “Airship may link historic English cities”

  1. absintheur Says:

    >must find funding

    Maybe cigarette companies could place banner adverts on the side of the airship? As Brits are no longer allowed to smoke in pubs, let’s hope they can light up when relaxing onboard…or does the Govt now legislate against smoking when in airspace now?

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