Unlocking the key to longevity

Antonio Zamora, a lean 64-year-old computer scientist from Bethesda, suffers none of the chronic diseases that afflict people his age. “I haven’t been sick for a long time,” Zamora said. “Last year, my medical bill came to $20 – for my co-pay for my yearly medical exam.”

Antonio ZamoraHis secret: a variant of an ultra-low-calorie diet known to extend the lives of animals and protect humans from age-related diseases.

Known as calorie restriction, or CR, the Spartan diet is one of several avenues researchers are exploring in their quest to understand and delay aging.

They’re also interested in genes that appear to play a role in getting older, along with a variety of chemical compounds, including one found in red wine, that may possess life-extending properties.

But assembling the clues to solve the aging puzzle is no easy feat.

Source:  Baltimore Sun


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