Could Nano-Food Be the Next Wheaties? It’s close

A poll earlier this month showed that only 7 percent of Americans would purchase food enhanced with nanotechnology, but a new study makes one thing clear: You can feed carbon nanotubes to fruit flies, and they still grow up big and strong.

Scientists at Rice University in Houston raised their fruit flies on a diet of yeast-and-nanotube paste, and then used an infrared camera to watch the progress of the tubes as they passed through the flies’ digestive systems, and in some cases were absorbed into the flies’ organs. The study found that nanotube-fed flies grew just as big and lived just as long as flies fed plain yeast, adding another data point to a simmering debate.

Some previous studies have found that inhaling nanotubes causes inflamed tissue in mice and rats, and causes cell death in lab tests. But other tests have found no evidence of toxicity, leading to claims of faulty experimental design on both sides.

Source:  Popular Mechanics


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