New Electrobike to make its debut next month


Electrobike calls it the world’s fastest hair dryer, but its Pi electric bicycle isn’t even in the same league. It has half the wattage of a Conair — just 750 watts, or about 1 horsepower.

That’s the federally mandated limit for an electric bicycle like the Pi, which does triple duty: It’s a traditional pedal pusher, a motor-driven bike and an art piece. You can ride it as long as your legs and lungs hold out. Or just nudge the throttle with your thumb and let the 36-volt pack of nickel metal hydride batteries do the heavy breathing. Or you can park it in the living room between your Eames chairs and Albero sofa and admire its arching architecture.

One look at it, and you know: Pi occupies a rarefied space in the world of two wheels. It isn’t just the heady Euclidean name, Ayn Randian design or ultra-green cradle-to-cradle engineering that makes it so unique. It’s also where it’s sold.

Pi isn’t available at bicycle, scooter or motorcycle shops. Beginning next month, it’ll be for sale exclusively through Design Within Reach, a nationwide 65-store chain that offers super-stylish furniture and accessories at supposedly affordable prices. With its midcentury modern profile and $7,500 price tag, Pi fits the bill.

Source:  Los Angeles Times (with video of bike in action)


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