Our future in space

Popular Mechanics does not disappoint with a stellar (get it) issue about the future of space.  Here’s a breakdown of the articles with links:

The Territory Ahead:  Introduction to PM’s Special Report on Space

The first half-century of space exploration was stunning, from Sputnik to moonwalks to interplanetary probes. The next 50 years promise even more awe-inspiring milestones: life-seeking rovers, a lunar base and the ultimate off-Earth adventure—a colony on Mars.

NASA Moon Base:  How to Settle the Moon (and pay for sleepovers)

A four-time Space Shuttle astronaut explains what life will be like on NASA’s four-man outpost come 2020, when the anti-Apollo mission will cast off aboard a new rocket and send explorers to hazardous territory.

Life on Mars:  How to Survive the Red Planet (and the Tech to Help)

The fourth rock from the sun will pose extreme challenges to future explorers. Here’s what they can expect, and what NASA’s doing to prepare them for the ultimate off-Earth adventure.

The ‘New Space’ Race:  Handicapping the Billionaire Rocketeers

As NASA plods on with mammoth long-term programs, nimble, innovative space entrepreneurs are gearing up to meet ambitious short-range goals. Here are five companies that have gotten hardware off the ground.

And there’s even more here.  Here, here, Popular Mechanics.

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