Zeno Could Be Next Robot Boy Wonder

ZenoDavid Hanson—the genius inventor, father of “Frubber” life-like robotic skin, and the man who brought us a robotic Albert Einstein head—today introduced a prototype of what could become the next must-have personal robot.

You can visit the Zeno web site www.zenosworld (editor’s note: the site’s URL isn’t live yet, but should be available in time for Wired’s NextFest) to see the first videos of Hanson’s latest creation: a 17-inch-tall, 4.5-pound humanoid robot boy named Zeno.

The prototype, which will have a formal unveiling at Wired Nextfest in California next week, is described as an intelligent “conversational robot” and will ultimately be part of Hanson’s “Robokind” line of personal, interactive bots.

Zeno is still at least two years from commercial availability, but even at this early stage, the child-like robot apparently has some impressive features.

When Zeno goes on sale, it could cost around $200. However, Hanson’s business strategy isn’t only about selling automatons to robot geeks; The company plans on launching an interactive web site where subscribers will be able to download new interactions, intelligence, and stories for their Zeno robots.

Source:  PCmag.com


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