Asia’s brown clouds ‘warm planet’

Brown atmospheric cloud (Image: Nasa)Clouds of pollution over the Indian Ocean appear to cause as much warming as greenhouse gases released by human activity, a study has suggested.

US researchers used unmanned aircraft to measure the effects of the “brown clouds” on the surrounding area.

Writing in Nature, they said the tiny particles increased the solar heating of the lower atmosphere by about 50%.

The warming could be enough to explain the retreat of glaciers in the Himalayas, the scientists proposed.

The clouds contain a mixture of light absorbing aerosols and light scattering aerosols, which cause the atmosphere to warm and the surface of the Earth to cool.

Source:  BBC News

One Response to “Asia’s brown clouds ‘warm planet’”

  1. Julie Says:

    IGo to BBC and read the report.
    There is a lot let out of this version such as:
    “The main sources of the pollutiants came from wood burning and fossil fuels, the team added.”

    Also the first line in this version wasn’t even in the BBC report.

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