Acabion – why shouldn’t supercars look like this?

The Acabion certainly cuts a futuristic dash To many minds, the mere notion of a road-legal vehicle capable of 550km/h on a little over half-throttle would seem either absurd or insane, or both. To others, it would seem like fantasy beyond their wildest imagination.

But for that same vehicle to also achieve three litres/100km at more sensible speeds and have a small hybrid electric drive system to eke out fuel even further and produce less carbon dioxide at autobahn speeds than a Toyota Corolla diesel?

The performance figures mentioned so far are based on calculations, as the Acabion has only been run up to a none-too-slothful 358km/h in testing – a speed that, incidentally, takes only 20 seconds from standstill. (Top speeds will be limited to 450 and 470km/h – although, derestricted, they could, theoretically, hit a stupendous 596 and 646km/h respectively!)

Of course, at such speeds, tyres become a burning issue. At present the Acabion runs on conventional high-speed motorcycle rubber, but “new” and, it’s hoped, suitable tyres are being developed.

According to its creator, this combination of low weight, low drag and high power would only be equalled in performance terms – though obviously not in fuel economy – by a conventional supercar with 9000 to 11 500bhp.

Source:  Motoring


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