Carpool lanes for airplanes?

12-second delayThe 1950s-era radar survellience network for airline traffic is in dire need of a technological overhaul as passenger traffic is expected to jump 78% to nearly 1.3 billion annually by 2025.

But modernizing highways in the sky with a precise satellite-based system carries a staggering $40-billion price tag, and the Federal Aviation Administration has yet to persuade Congress and the airlines to help pay for it.

Advocates say the proposed modernization — which includes satellite technology along with a system that would allow public agencies and private airlines to share information and new navigation procedures — is expected to improve efficiency and increase safety.

Federal officials plan to use signals from satellites to create something akin to carpool lanes in the skies for airlines that equip their aircraft with the new technology.

Last year was the worst in history for flight delays, with planes stranded on the ground for hours in well publicized incidents in Texas, Colorado and New York. Although inclement weather played a major role, carriers complain that the patchwork of technologies that make up the existing air traffic network contributes to severe delays.

Source:  Los Angeles Times


One Response to “Carpool lanes for airplanes?”

  1. barbaraanne Says:

    would much rather have delays than be in a carpool lane while

    flying from LA to NY. think we are pushing technology a liitle too far.

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