Volt goes futuristic with its interior


photophotoThe interior of the plug-in Chevrolet Volt will be as futuristic as its range-extended electric propulsion system if General Motors Corp. designers get their way.

Think backlit, expandable, zippered door pockets, laser-projected heads up displays and instant synchronization with the driver’s personal electronics — and all in a car that can travel 40 miles on a fully charged battery without a drop of gas and 600 miles with the help of a three-cylinder gasoline engine.

Several interior surfaces are made with materials used in padded luggage that provide some give in such storage spaces as the door pockets and a removable backpack in the rear, Tant said.

Technology in the car — which GM is engineering as if it will be ready for production by the end of the decade but is still dependent on development of an auto-appropriate lithium-ion battery — would allow drivers to chose which laser-projected graphics appear when they enter the car.


Source:  Detroit Free Press


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