Musk Is Betting His Fortune Beyond Earth’s Orbit

Inside a truck trailer, surrounded by half a dozen flat-screen monitors mounted on carpeted walls, Elon Musk eats Starburst candy with the intensity of a kid on Halloween.

He’s hunched over in his chair, focusing on the TV that displays a live video feed of a 70-foot-tall rocket ship surrounded by palm trees. The trailer is parked in El Segundo, California, behind the headquarters of Musk’s company, Space Explorations Technology, or Space X.  Ten engineers are sitting with him, each facing a laptop displaying the status of systems on the rocket, Falcon 1.

They’re linked by a satellite feed to the launch site, a half- mile-square speck of equatorial rock and coral called Omelek. It’s really just a concrete launchpad, an air-conditioned hangar, and a double-wide trailer that’s both office and sleeping quarters for the techs. Omelek, 5,400 miles from Southern California, is one of the Marshall Islands, the dead center of the Pacific Ocean.

Source:  Wired


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