PlanetSpace nearing decision on Cape Breton spaceport

PlanetSpace has nearly completed a mockup of its rocket and is studying two potential sites in Cape Breton, chairman Chirinjeev Kathuria says.

The company previously announced it was talking to the Nova Scotia government about possible launch sites for its Silver Dart spacecraft, named after the first plane to fly in Canada.

Nova Scotia gave the company 120 hectares of land last year, judging the project “a credible opportunity,” said Nova Scotia Business Inc. spokesman Paul Doucet.

Now the company must pick a launch site to fulfil requirements in an agreement with NASA, signed in February. Under that deal, NASA agreed to share information so the company can better understand NASA’s needs for space station crew and cargo transportation launch vehicles.

Source:  CBC Nova Scotia


One Response to “PlanetSpace nearing decision on Cape Breton spaceport”

  1. clauswitz Says:

    Beautiful looking bird. Where can I find the specs on how it works? What is it’s time-frame to market?

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