Starting today, Segways on patrol

 D.C. police officers will be hitting the streets today on Segways, those two-wheeled motorized people movers that look sort of like oversize vacuum cleaners.

Sure, police realize that some will laugh at the sight of hard-nosed officers wheeling about. But, in a way, that’s the beauty of the Segway.

Wear runs the department’s Segway training program, which graduated a batch of certified riders yesterday. Tourists might be able to master the vehicles in an hour or so, but for police, it takes two days of work to become skilled at the split-second maneuvers that can be demanded while on patrol.

Starting today, the police department is adding 25 Segways to its neighborhood patrols. Ten more are coming soon. If they are a success, more could be on the way.

The vehicles can go up to 12.5 mph and can cover far more ground than police can patrol on foot, while helping to conserve officers’ energy. When officers walk a beat, they generally go 4 mph, Wear said.

Source:  Washington Post


One Response to “Starting today, Segways on patrol”

  1. techno Says:

    wasn’t the Segway supposed to change our world? I have seriously never seen one. Where are they, besides being used for police departments?

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