Mining the moon, space tourism Earth’s plan for future

Mining the moon and space tourism — including “space hotels” — are part of a grand plan for space exploration agreed to by agencies from around the world.

The Global Exploration Strategy, released Thursday by the Canadian Space Agency and 13 other organizations, spells out what officials are calling their shared vision for space exploration and colonization.

The strategy makes no mention of the enormous costs involved, but says agency officials have agreed after months of negotiation to co-ordinate their ambitious plans.

Moon rocks are rich in oxygen that might be exploited to provide life-support systems for lunar operations, and be used to produce liquid oxygen rocket propellant, which might be more economical to manufacture in space than to ship from Earth.

Mining the moon might also yield titanium, a strong light metal favoured for high-end aerospace applications, and helium-3, which could prove valuable if fusion reactors ever become feasible, it says.

Source:  Edmonton Journal

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