Plug into the future with the Lightening Lithium


Los Angeles Times review of The Lightning Lithium:

Lightning Motors’ lithium-powered superbike looks like an R1. It even handles like the Yamaha liter bike. But its innards have been wrenched and yanked out.

The entire engine is missing. So are the tailpipes, radiator, gas cap, transmission and clutch. In their place: a wall of yellow batteries, an AC regenerative motor, an electric throttle and a three-pronged plug, which pokes out from the frame and connects to a standard outlet.

Welcome to the world of electric motorcycle conversions — a micro-phenom that’s been percolating for at least the last decade, primarily at independent motorcycle shops, like the one I visited in Oakland. Less polluting and less expensive to operate than their gas-powered brethren, electric bikes seem like a great idea. But until recently they’ve had an Achilles’ heel: the large size and low power-to-weight ratio of the lead-acid batteries propelling them.

Read the full review.  Cool video of bike at the link as well.


2 Responses to “Plug into the future with the Lightening Lithium”

  1. CHANG hOOJON Says:

    Best ever invented since the first battery

  2. CHANG hOOJON Says:

    now, the all electric plug in is a reality. let me know if you want to know why.

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