Burj Dubai is now second tallest building in the world

The iconic Burj DubaiBurj Dubai is now the second tallest building in the world, 468.1 metres (1,535.8 ft) high and with 130 stories.
Burj Dubai is taller than Petronas Towers in Malaysia (452 metres; 1,483 ft) and Sears Tower in Chicago (442 metres; 1,450 ft), and is second only to Taipei 101 (509 metres; 1,670 ft), taller by only 39.9 metres (145.2 ft).

Burj Dubai has also set a new world record for vertical concrete pumping for a building, by pumping to over 460 metres (1,509 ft). The previous record was held by Taipei 101 for pumping concrete up to a height of 448 metres (1,470 ft).
The all-time world record for altitude transportation of concrete was set during the extension of the Riva del Garda Hydroelectric Power Plant in Italy in 1994, when concrete was pumped to a record level of 532 metres (1,745 ft). Burj Dubai will also break this record before construction is complete.

Source:  Albawaba


One Response to “Burj Dubai is now second tallest building in the world”

  1. charliedafoe Says:

    all of these countries are sooooo far ahead of “us” in sooooo many

    ways, it is beginning to scare me. we have always been so proud of

    our Sears building, but it has, alas, been outshined.

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