Eco-homes offer glimpse of lunar future

On a sun-baked fringe of arid California desert that in places resembles a lunar landscape, Khalili, an Iranian-born architect who came to the United States in 1971, proudly surveys his cluster of ceramic, domed homes.

For just over two decades students have been coming to Khalili’s California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture (CalEarth) to learn how to build a kiln-fired home from little more than soil stuffed into sacks.

Khalili’s work has been recognized by the United Nations and he is regularly invited to give presentations to NASA about the possibilities of his designs being used for lunar colonies.

At the CalEarth Institute, students discover how to build homes which are literally dirt cheap (around $3,200 for the design) and some of which are powerful enough to withstand an earthquake.

The designs incorporate only elemental materials — earth, water and fire — and rely on basic architectural forms, such as arches and domes. Construction is remarkably simple.

Source:  SAWF News

One Response to “Eco-homes offer glimpse of lunar future”

  1. BEACHBUM Says:

    what are those —sand castles?

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