Big names bet on anti-aging company’s long lifespan

Red Sox owner John Henry and Fidelity guru Peter Lynch are among investors who benefited yesterday when shares from Sirtris Pharmaceuticals’ initial public offering climbed 9 percent.

The Cambridge-based company’s shares rose to $10.93 in first-day trading on the Nasdaq stock market after pricing at $10 per share. Six million shares were sold in the offering.

Henry, Lynch and other investors pumped $35.9 million into the company earlier this year, regulatory filings show. Henry’s investment bought him 2.3 million shares, giving him an 8.5 percent ownership stake.  Sirtris focuses on the development of drugs that can potentially treat diseases associated with aging, including metabolic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes.

Its drug candidates are designed to mimic certain beneficial health effects of calorie restriction by activating enzymes called sirtuins.

Sirtris’ most advanced programs focus on developing activators of SIRT1. One such activator, resveratrol, is a natural substance found in red wine.

Source:  Boston Herald


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