Benson Space Unveils New Dream Chaser Design

Space entrepreneur Jim Benson, head of Benson Space Company of Poway, California is set to announce a fresh approach in the design of his firm’s “Dream Chaser” space tourism vehicle.

The new Dream Chaser spaceship design is lighter and sleeker, Benson is reporting, resulting in less drag and requiring less propulsion than the earlier HL-20 design. The vehicle is to be powered by safe hybrid rocket motors, will launch vertically, followed by glide to a landing at the launch site.

A safer “carefree reentry” — after achieving an altitude of at least 65 miles – Benson reports, will subject passengers to minimal G-forces, compared to other designs. It will also have many large, well-placed windows for ideal passenger views of the Earth and space during the suborbital trek.A five month-long study by SpaceDev and Benson Space Company (BSC) has determined that this new design will provide “the first, safest and best astronaut-making spaceflights for the emerging space tourism market.”

The announcement is slated to occur during the National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference that gets underway here this week.

Source:  Space


2 Responses to “Benson Space Unveils New Dream Chaser Design”

  1. Jim Benson Says:

    Thank you for mentioning our new spaceship design.

    SpaceDev will continue to develop the orbital Dream Chaser vehicle based on the NASA HL-20, and BSC will find a new name for our spaceship, still to be powered by SpaceDev’s safe hybrid rocket motors, proven on every SpaceShipOne flight,.

    Jim Benson
    Benson Space Company

  2. futuresheet Says:

    you’re welcome, sir. Thank you for reading futuresheet. Please keep us posted on your ongoing progress.

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