‘Flying saucer’ police spy camera takes to the skies

police spy plane

It looks more like the latest in saucepan technology than the future of crime fighting.

But police are confident that this miniature remote- controlled helicopter will be an invaluable weapon in the war against wrongdoers.

The Microdrone, measuring only 2ft between the tips of its eight rotor blades, was originally designed for military reconnaissance.  When it takes to the skies above Liverpool this summer, it will be the first time such a device has been put to civilian use in this country.

With four stubby arms carrying the rotors, a miniature camera and a pair of landing skids, the near-silent drone is designed to hover above crime scenes and send footage to officers on the ground.

It can take off and fly in all weathers and has a maximum speed of 15mph.

Source:  Daily Mail


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