Moller wants his flying car in the skies soon

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a flying car? The Volantor M200, is very distinct from a helicopter and resembles the air vehicles in the “Jetson’s” cartoon.

The circular invention resembles a flying saucer and can travel at speeds up to 100 mph hovering 10 feet off the ground, using ethanol for fuel.Creator Paul Moller hopes to produce at least 1,000 of the M200s for about $90,000 each in the next three years for families around the world.

“It’s designed so anyone can enter the market,” Moller said. “It’s a recreational vehicle. You can have a lot of fun hovering 10 feet off the ground.”

In the future Moller hopes a virtual highway in the sky will be created for the vehicles he is designing. The M400, with a more airplane-like shape, would be able to travel at higher altitudes and the driver would require a special pilot’s license, something the M200 doesn’t require.

Source:  Daily Democrat


One Response to “Moller wants his flying car in the skies soon”

  1. christopherm Says:

    “would require a special pilot’s license”??? My heavens, would we let

    all the looneys of the world loose with these contraptions? Please, let’s

    limit our air travel to the experts. (what will “they” think of next)

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