Calorie restriction: Is this anti-aging diet worth a try?

Researchers are finding that calorie restriction diets seems to extend the lives of animals, but whether these anti-aging diets help people remains to be seen.

A diet that has extended the life span of worms, flies and rats is capturing the interest of humans. Believers say the calorie restriction diet, which involves eating less, while still getting enough vitamins and nutrients, makes them healthier. And they hope calorie restriction extends their lives.

But just because a diet works in animals doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for people. And even if a limited calorie diet was found to extend your life, would you be willing to stick to it?

Scientists have their doubts about the viability of the calorie restriction diet in a Western culture where overweight and obesity seem to be the norm. Still, calorie restriction research may give doctors clues about the aging process and how its effects may be slowed.

Source:  Mayo Clinic


One Response to “Calorie restriction: Is this anti-aging diet worth a try?”

  1. jason Says:

    it’s quite apparent that the Mayo clinic has done very little research into CR, and it’s effects on humans. the fact that you even are taking a stance on it without doing your due diligence is quite disappointing. are you going to wait until someone funds a hundred million dollar 100 year study before researching it’s benefits, or would you care to consult the ongoing, controlled, human studies before taking a position. there are dozens of peer reviewed academic papers on the tremendous changes in everything from bloood pressure, to cholesteral, to less DNA damange, to hearing, to sight,….in humans, and thousands more on animals – none of which it appears you’ve read or investigated. it’s a disservice to everyone that you’re even commenting on it with knowing so little.

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