Beat traffic with a new Skycar or Aquabubble

Breathing observational bubbleThe Daily Mail takes a look at some innovative recreational vehicles in various stages of design.

First, the Breathing Observation Bubble, at right, allows you to travel underwater without having to use a mask, fins or scuba tank on your back.  You don’t need diving training either.

BOB is essential a modern version of a diving bell — inverted airtight chambers that used to be lowered into the water to enable their occupants to breathe.

Air stays in the chamber in the same way that an upsidedown glass will hold air when lowered into a tub.

A combined steering wheel and instrument console provides full control and system monitoring, which can be mastered by an experienced diver in minutes.

The Moller Skycar, Pumpabike and Segway Centaur also are featured.  Unfortunately, the Centaur is only a concept.  Cool-looking thing though.


One Response to “Beat traffic with a new Skycar or Aquabubble”

  1. shea sullivan Says:

    I have a New BOB for sale.. It is the original Bellaqua purchased from the inventor Andrew Sneath in West Palm Beach. It is a Rotomoulded BOB9 in excellent new condition.
    This BOB retails for $10,500.. I am up for offers..
    Please inquire about pictures.

    Thank you
    Shea Sullivan
    Springfield, Mo.

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