‘Guessing’ robots find their way

Guessing robot (Purdue University)Robots that use “guesswork” to navigate through unfamiliar surroundings are being developed by US researchers.

The mobile machines create maps of areas they have already explored and then use this information to predict what unknown environments will be like.

Trials in office buildings showed that the robots were able to find their way around, New Scientist reported.

Making robots that can navigate without prior knowledge of their surroundings was a huge challenge, the team said.

Most mobile robots do this using a technique called SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping), whereby they build up a map of their unknown environment, using various sensors, whilst keeping track of their current position at the same time.

Source:  BBC News


One Response to “‘Guessing’ robots find their way”

  1. adele Says:

    wouldn’t like to meet one of those robots in my office, if they happen

    to get lost. trying to make them more “humanized” is a bit risky.

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