Who’s paying $200,000 for a few minutes in space?

The next space race is on, and this time it’s for the masses.

Well, not exactly the masses.

More like the actors, real estate magnates, hedge fund managers and well-off adventurers who can afford $200,000 or so for a quick jaunt beyond the Earth’s atmosphere and several minutes of zero-gravity weightlessness.

They include actress and skin-care entrepreneur Victoria Principal,  who wonders what color her spacesuit will be, and Hollywood director Bryan Singer, 41, who got turned on to the idea while planning a shuttle disaster scene for his movie Superman Returns.

Among the not-so-famous is Soviet émigré Lina Borozdina-Birch, 38, who took out a second mortgage on her house to fulfill her extraterrestrial dream — despite her fear of flying. Space junkies George and Loretta Whitesides, both 33, plan to celebrate their honeymoon more than 70 miles above Earth.

Source:  USA Today


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