Army Tests Fighting ‘Bot

Lm_mule“The U.S. Army will soon test a six-wheeled, 20-foot robot to see whether it can traverse rugged terrain, fire machine guns and carry 1,900 pounds of gear without soldiers remotely controlling its every move,” Defense News reports. 

The two-and-a-half ton Multifunction Utility Logistics and Equipment (MULE) vehicle is seen as the ‘bot that will travel with every light infantry company in the Army of ten-to-fifteen years’ hence.  

“Designed to fly on a Black Hawk, the MULE will carry two 7.62mm machine guns and two Javelin anti-tank missiles and feed camera data from its on-board sensors.”  Backers like Major Major David Byers, the MULE’s assistant program manager, see the machine as “the equivalent of [a] weapon squad. You double the firepower without putting soldiers in harm’s way.” 

Carnegie Mellon University researchers are working on an even meaner, six-ton version.

Source:   Wired News

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