FuelVapor car gets 92 miles per gallon

Canadian manufacturer FuelVapor has developed an ultra-low emissions vehicle that sprints to 62mph in five seconds and returns 92mpg.

The three-wheeler boasts grip of up to 1.7G, according to the company, which is currently testing the ale before a limited number go on sale next year.Created by inventor George Parker, the ale (pronounced ‘alay’) has been in development for 15 years.

Not only does the ale have extreme mileage capabilities, but its performance is outstanding and better than many high-end sports cars.  It accelerates from 0-60 seconds in 5 seconds, and will pull over 1.7 g’s in hard corners on street tires. 

Brad Zimmerman, head tech of the company, said:  “I drove it hard for four solid hours, throwing it into corners, accelerating and braking hard.  The car’s performance is spectacular.  After all that hard driving, we only through $10 in gas.”th

FuelVapor Technologies will also be competing in the “Automotive X-Prize” – a $10 million competition for the fastest 100 mpg car in the world.


Source:  MortorTorque

8 Responses to “FuelVapor car gets 92 miles per gallon”

  1. Ron Mason Says:

    Where can I buy one? And how much will it cost? Does it come in two or more seats?

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  4. robert Says:

    very sweet car. You could drive the entire Trans Canada Highway from one end to the other ( 7,821 kilometers [ 4,860 miles ] ) only requiring 52.82 gallons of gas

  5. robert Says:

    for our American friends the Trans Canada Highway is the worlds longest highway stretching from one end of Canada to the other


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  7. AutomoBlog.net Says:

    FuelVapor Alé gets 92mpg, 0 to 60 in 5 Seconds

  8. SUSAN Says:


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