We have the technology, almost

I, Robot and AIHarvard Medical School is conducting experiments that should lead to the development of Six Million Dollar Man-style bionic vision: stimulating the visual centres of the brain and routing the results through a prosthetic eye.

Equally startling are the smart retinal implants being developed at the University of Bonn, where sighted users are “training” the software for the ultimate in vision-replacement. The research is medical, but one day, not far off, innovations like this will be giving us wearable computers: the eye that really is a camera; internet access at a blink.

Robbie the Robot is no longer a figure of fun, or a novelty toy. The robot maid and butler of classic sci-fi may be a few years off, but nobody regards them as daft make-believe any more.

More disturbingly, recent research has us close to believing that our machines understand how a real little boy works. Earlier this year, a team of neuroscientists, working at University College London and at Oxford, announced the development of a powerful technique that allows them to look deep inside the brain, and read people’s intentions before they act.

Source:  Guardian

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