Science confronts vexing issue of men’s shorter life spans

Tara Parker-Pope of the Wall Street Journal takes an interesting look at men’s health, and why males tend to have shorter life spans than women.  An excellent read.

Here’s an excerpt:

The reasons for the troubled state of men’s health are complex. Biology — such as the different ways men and women react to stress — likely plays a role. And men, taught since boyhood to be stoic in the face of pain, often are their own worst enemy, avoiding doctors and engaging in risky behaviors such as reckless driving that threaten health. Men’s health issues also get less public attention and funding at a time when women’s health concerns — such as breast cancer — are in the national spotlight.

Men on their own can take a few simple steps to boost their health. Doctors say that by focusing on a few key areas — blood pressure, cholesterol, waist size and sexual function — a man can make dramatic improvements in his overall health.  One recent study in the medical journal JAMA found that preventing weight gain and alcohol abuse in midlife were two major factors in determining whether a man lived and stayed healthy until the age of 85.

Full article is here:  Wall Street Journal


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