New Drug Stops Alzheimer’s In Tracks

Researchers are on the brink of a huge breakthrough with a drug that stops Alzheimer’s Disease in its tracks.

The drug — called Alzhemed — attacks Amyloid Peptide – the molecule that causes Alzheimer’s. In mice, watch as the drug clears the molecule from the brain.

An early study showed Alzhemed stabilized the disease in nearly half of patients. Now, more than 1,000 are being followed.

To date, more than 600 patients have completed one year of treatment on the medication. The study is scheduled to be complete soon. More than 70 centers across the United States and Canada are taking part. Side effects of the drug have been minimal and primarily include mild gastrointestinal symptoms.

Source:  ABC 7 Local News San Francisco

One Response to “New Drug Stops Alzheimer’s In Tracks”

  1. gaston Says:

    sounds like a wonder drug. knowing first-hand how this disease

    can affect a family, we can’t wait too long to put this into our health


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