Flying Cars: Your So-Called Sci-Fi Life


Popular Mechanics columnist Daniel H. Wilson has other interesting column, this one about the history of flying cars and current news about aviation’s holy grail.  Paul Moller’s Skycar is pictured above.

Here’s a segment of Wilson’s column:

NASA is designing a flying car that would humiliate George Jetson. The agency is committed to a 15-year time line for three successive generations of flying cars. The first, scheduled for 2008, will resemble a compact Cessna with folding wings that converts to road use.

And Paul Moller, a former UC Davis engineering professor, has spent all of his money and more than 40 years trying to build a flying car. The current model is a cherry-red coupe that looks as though it should be dogfighting TIE fighters outside the Death Star. The futuristic Skycar has four seats (carrying up to 750 lbs.), a maximum air speed of 350 mph, and a range of about 750 mi.  

And in related news, Moller evidently plans to produce “flying saucers'” to fund the Skycar

Moller International will sell a production version of the two-seat M200X, at right, built and flown some time ago to demonstrate the VTOL technology behind the Skycar.

Moller is offering five versions: including a basic M200G that will be limited to a maximum of 10ft altitude; and an M200D for agricultural and recreational use over private property that will be able to fly higher.

Moller’s aim is to make production M200s available by the end of this year, but that will depend on the reaction to its offering the vehicle for sale.

2 Responses to “Flying Cars: Your So-Called Sci-Fi Life”

  1. jerryoneal Says:

    great article. I would be first on the list for one of these cars.

  2. melissagan Says:

    gee, Jerry, please don’t fly over my house. forget about the fact that

    these flycars will be navigated by computer, while you eat a bag of

    of potato chips. can you just imagine what our skies would look like.

    would there be any room for the birds? I guess we can say “so long”

    to relaxing on a beautiful summer day and gazing at the clouds. We

    are crowding our cities and roads, so why not our heavens. lets stop this

    nonsense and try to regain some “slowdown” . It’s our only chance.

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