Is Calorie Restriction Really Different From Anorexia?

From Slate columnist Kate Taylor:

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about anorexia. It turns out starving yourself is healthy.

As a former anorexic, I’ve found it strange to hear scientists hail low metabolism—a central feature of that disease—as a sign of health and potential longevity.

Proponents of calorie restriction are much more assertive in differentiating CR from anorexia. The Web site of the Calorie Restriction Society, an organization that claims more than 2,000 members, has a page dedicated to listing the differences.  The inner monologue of a CR practitioner is ‘Calorie Restriction is worth the effort because it may prolong my life and health.’ “

While these distinctions have some superficial truth, they rely on an extreme oversimplification of anorexia, and of CR, as well. To begin with, anorexia is not all about appearance. An anorexic, like a CR practitioner, could easily be motivated by the belief that what she is doing—watching her portions, avoiding “bad-for-you” foods—is healthy.


One Response to “Is Calorie Restriction Really Different From Anorexia?”

  1. peachscream Says:

    totally agree with the article that states that scientists are equating low

    metabolism with a longer and more healthy life and , therefore, in a way

    condoning and saying anorexia is the way to go. eat, drink, and be merry,

    on a moderate scale. all of us live, and die. when, is not always left up

    to us.

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