Robots are the librarians at Chicago State

libraryIn “I, Robot,” a movie about a robot uprising set in futuristic Chicago, Sonny the robot humanoid is allowed to live.  He may well now be working the stacks at the Chicago State University library. 

At the South Side college that dates to the 1860s, only robots are allowed to browse most books and archives.

The library, unveiled last fall, was designed to make it easier for students and faculty to access exactly the right book, instead of wandering aimlessly through the stacks in a frustrating search.

To get a particular book, students and faculty must log onto the library’s website from home or school and place an order for a title.

Once the order is received, the library’s computer system directs a robotic crane — dubbed “Rover” by the librarians — to retrieve one of more than 6,300 bins. Each bin holds the equivalent of four bookshelves.

The crane then brings the bin to a workstation at the front of the warehouse, where a librarian picks up the book.

All told, the system takes about three minutes from when the order for the book is placed to when the librarian is carrying it to the circulation desk for pickup.

Source:  Los Angeles Times


One Response to “Robots are the librarians at Chicago State”

  1. Fieral Says:

    Father of one of my friends constructed a robot in the eighties (in USSR). He constructed it at his house, alone.

    The robot was destined to transport boxes at warehouse.
    And the constructer received the Lenin`s reward.

    That’s it.

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