‘Wearable’ car creating buzz in Detroit

Amid a host of technical paper presentations, dissected engine displays and seminars on such subjects as Computational Fluid Dynamics, the biggest buzz at the SAE World Congress in Detroit was about Toyota Motor Corp’s personal mobility vehicle, the i-Swing.

The Japanese automaker touts the concept single-person vehicle as “wearable,” because the driver fits snugly into the i-Swing and can use body motions to control the vehicle. Images and colors on an LED panel at the front of the vehicle can be changed to suit the driver’s mood.

“The purpose is to use it on the road, and also on the sidewalk or in the supermarket or the shopping mall,” Akihiro Yanaka, assistant manager of Toyota’s Business Revolution project, said through a translator.

Standing about 6 feet tall, the i-Swing can operate in two modes. A two-wheel setting moves the driver at walking pace, where he or she can easily interact with someone at a counter or strolling alongside them. A three-wheel setting extends the wheelbase a foot, to about 4 feet, allowing the i-Swing to travel in a city street at up to 12.5 mph.

The i-Swing recalls another personal vehicle, Toyota’s i-Unit, shown at the SAE show last year. That concept was bulkier, making personal interaction difficult, but the four-wheel vehicle could travel much faster.

Cited article:  Detroit News


One Response to “‘Wearable’ car creating buzz in Detroit”

  1. Ford Parts News Says:

    At the 2007 SAE World Congress…

    Yeah, what about the 2007 SAE World Congress? Have you heard of the FEV Engine Technology Incorporation? It revealed its Powertrain Technology on the said congress. Now that makes sense, right?

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