Move over, Roomba, Robots are on the way

Domo can make a stiff drink. He can put away groceries, shake hands, and, if properly prompted, give a person a hug.

Not that remarkable, except for one thing: Domo is a real, live humanoid robot.  And he may fascinate you or creep you out. But there is no doubt: Domo is the future.

Domo’s inventor, Aaron Edsinger, an MIT postdoctoral associate, thinks it could take years before it makes economic sense to mass-produce full-fledged humanoid robots.

But Edsinger and other robotics experts say the technology behind creations like Domo could start showing up in American homes as soon as the summer.  Caleb Chung, co-inventor of the Furby, is putting the finishing touches on Pleo, a robotic one-week-old Camarasaurus from the late Jurassic period.

More info:  San Jose Mercury News  — TIRED JOURNALISM ALERT:  Article contains hackneyed reference to Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons.  Please see Rosie the Robot and Hack Journalism


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