Futuristic Concert Hall being built in Germany

The city of Brahms and Mendelssohn is enhancing its cultural charm with a new concert hall that will soar above the Elbe River like a ghostly glass-sailed schooner.

The futuristic concert hall, designed by Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, will tower 360 feet above the city’s harbor. City officials hope it will rival the shell-shaped Sydney Opera House in Australia as a landmark recognized around the globe.

Based on plans by Herzog and de Meuron _ who transformed a former power station into London’s Tate Modern art museum _ the $322 million building should be completed in 2010.

The roofline will be wave-shaped, and the bent glass facades will be covered with a grid of white dots to provide protection from the sun. The jagged front and sides form a boxy “V” shape, resembling the hull and sails of the Flying Dutchman’s spectral ship.

More info:  Associated Press article

More pics:  Skyscraper News


One Response to “Futuristic Concert Hall being built in Germany”

  1. danwilliams Says:

    breathtaking!!! can these Swiss architects find their way to the States?

    seems as though we have buildings that are old and not too pleasing to

    the eye, or new ones that look like a loaf of bread.

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