A Faster Wi-Fi World Is Coming

New York Times reports that wireless Internet capabilities are improving.

“When I was your age,” we’ll someday tell our awe-struck grandchildren, “wireless Internet was available only in isolated hot spots 100 feet across!”

That is, if everything works out the way the electronics industry hopes. Every couple of years, it rolls out another flavor of faster, better Wi-Fi equipment, bearing such uninspired names as 802.11b and 802.11g.

This year’s edition is 802.11n, which is supposed to offer two huge advantages over the popular “b” and “g” types: 5 times the speed and 15 times the range.

That would be a big deal, if it were true. It would mean, for example, that the signal from just one transmitter — one wireless router, to use the technical term — could fill every room in your house with glorious waves of data.


One Response to “A Faster Wi-Fi World Is Coming”

  1. aL Says:

    Realistically speaking, it should. Eventually one day, we would be living in a world where no wires would exist and everything is wireless. And when that day comes, there would be barely anything that is not connected to the online world.

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