Bigelow Aerospace more than just about space hotel

Las Vegas investigative reporter George Knapp, of Area 51 fame, seems to have a knack for getting exclusives with Robert Bigelow, owner of Bigelow Aerospace. 

The Las Vegas company plans to launch its second space station module, Genesis II,  into orbit in the coming weeks.

Here are some tidbits on Bigelow’s business plan:

“Our business plan isn’t dependent on tourism. There’s no doubt tourism will be there and will grow. We expect to have multiple destinations. We expect complexes to be put together for multiple uses,” said Robert Bigelow, Bigelow Aerospace founder.

By multiple destinations, Bigelow means privately owned space stations. The expandable craft he’s developed will mean more habitable space in space, places where people can conduct research or just enjoy the view.

Bigelow notes, for example, that many nations have their own astronaut corps, even those without space programs. The waiting list to get aboard the International Space Station is so long and so tightly controlled that few if any of these pioneers ever get into space.

If those countries could get their astronauts into space without building their own space program from scratch, Bigelow thinks they would sign on for repeated trips up and back. The same is true for corporations, like drug companies.

Bigelow plans on leasing out space on his stations, sort of like time share, something he knows very well. If the business plan works on his space stations in low earth orbit, Bigelow sees no reason it can’t be used for endeavors even more ambitious.

“And we’ll say, we will set up bases for you. We will lease those bases on the Moon or on Mars, if you can get that far. Let’s just say on the Moon. We’ll provide the facilities and you won’t have to write the check to build them,” Bigelow said.

He is so confident; his biggest worry is that there might not be enough rockets to handle all the traffic he will generate. But that’s a story for another time.

More info:  KLAS-TV report


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