Big Brother art making people uneasy

Big brother joke?

San Pedro’s robotic eye-on-a-pole, watching passersby down below, is getting a mostly cool reception, according to a Los Angles Times article. Just wait until it shines a light on folks.

Already, Mojo is making people uneasy.

They don’t know what to make of this angular robot that stands like a sentry atop a 30-foot pole on a San Pedro street corner. When pedestrians walk by, it eventually will shine a roving light on them, following them along the sidewalk.

Maybe its giant orange-rimmed eye is an undercover security camera, they speculate. Maybe it’s a floodlight, or a laser gun, or a cleverly disguised dish for satellite TV.

Actually, Mojo is an artwork created by Christian Moeller, a UCLA design professor who has won widespread acclaim for interactive pieces on display in Tokyo; Frankfurt, Germany; London and New York.

Mojo won’t start moving its robotic arm for another few weeks. But some in this seaport neighborhood of Los Angeles say they don’t understand it or like it.


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